We believe that to empower a community we must first empower the individuals therein. It is through that empowerment that the community may blossom and grow into something beautiful. This is our purpose and our motivation behind PARADIGM Community, a non-profit organization dedicated to this cause. We deliver coaching programs and community workshops dedicated to supporting people in becoming their greatest version through emotional intelligence. Our focus is youth empowerment, specifically those coming from single parent households. This is our way of supporting single parents and their children to be all that they can be, in the spirit of togetherness.


10% of all 

proceeds are donated to PARADIGM Community.

This allows us to:

Provide emotional intelligence coaching and training to youth belonging to single parent households.

Deliver self-empowerment talks, workshops and group activities to students at post secondary schools in the GTA.

Empower future generations to be all that they can be by leveraging their own emotional intelligence.

Enable youth to build self-esteem and confidence which helps in preventing and overcoming depression and anxiety.

You're invited! This is your formal invitation to join us in our mission. You can do so by sending us an e-mail message if you would like to volunteer your time. You can also support our cause by donating to our organization today. Our continued efforts would not be possible without your help, so thank you.